Approved Annual Plan

Regional backwardness is the main issue of concern in Mizoram. Lack of adequate rural infrastructure, sectoral investment and research backup facilities are the main bottleneck of sustainable and accelerated growth of agriculture sector. By diversification of agriculture farming, private corporate investment through contract farming system is expected to accelerate the rural economy by expanding the rural –urban trade for domestic processing and promoting exports. The main point of focus identified for potential growth of agriculture sector in Mizoram to achieve the milestone of annual Plan target are Infrastructure development coupled with the sustainable economic activities for the rural poor. The strategy for Infrastructure development includes, treatment of 5500 ha. area under WDPSCA and maintenance of 60 km existing Potential Area Connectivity roads, Establishment and maintenance of laboratories and farm etc. Under Economic activities intensified cultivation of maize, soya bean, pulses, oilseeds, rice and sugarcane by pit digging and micro irrigation system on a large scale will be taken up as a settlement of small and marginal farmers, Production and distribution of certified seeds, for this a provision for purchase of Breeder/ Foundation seeds, assistance for production and distribution of certified seeds are proposed. Introduction of crop insurance scheme, Subsidy on farm inputs like machineries & implements, fertilizers, chemicals etc. Alongside this the development of cash crop especially Oil Palm has been given due focus and to realize this an extensive action plan through the PPP and contractual farming mode has been chalked out which is envisage to cover more than 2500 Ha of Agro-climatically suitable and identified land mainly jhumias which will cut across the subsequent annual Plan. As for Research back up, revitalization of extension services through ATMA scheme will be given due importance.

The Government of Mizoram with the approval of Planning Commission has decided to launch a Comprehensive project for inclusive development called New Land Use Policy (NLUP) termed as Flagship Project., The NLUP, focused mainly amongst others, on a major overhead of the economy through structural changes by weaning away farmers from destructive jhum practices to Sustainable Livelihood opportunities based on local resources, genius of the people and keeping in view regeneration of resources.

The total budget size of Rs. 11,201.20 Lakhs for Annual Plan, (which includes Rs 837.00 lakhs for RKVY, Rs 550.00 lakhs, WDPSCA, Rs.9,114.20 lakh for NLUP and Rs. 700.00 lakhs Normal Plan).

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