Organic Farming

The concept of Organic Farming and permanent and sustainable Agriculture, and its importance in our today degrading soil and environment is felt very alarming to the Politician and beurocrats of Mizoram since a decade ago. In 1996, the Department of Agriculture introduced Organic Farming Project and ran a trial at Lungmuat village. Here, Organic Farming coupled with contour trench farming was trialed with a very promising results. Vermi-culture was also started by importing good species of earthworm. A good number of villages were covered giving training on Bio-Composing methods.

The Mizoram Organic Farming Bill-2004 was unanimously passed by the Mizoram Legislative Assembly in July 2004.

Since the Organic Farming system solely depends on the use of crop residue, animal manures, green manures, off-farm organic wastes to supply organic manures like Neem cake, Celrich, etc. to the needy farmers to supplement their plant nutrient requirement,crop rotation incorporating legumes and Use of Bio-Fertilizers, Organic manures, biological pest control to maintain soil productivity, the Agriculture Department gradually reduce the import of chemical Agril. inputs such as fertilizers, pesticides, etc. and several awareness Campaign and Training on organic farming were conducted. It is strongly felt that Mizoram state, by virtue of very less amount of chemical inputs imported and utilized, has a great scope for successful organic farming.

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