Serchhip District came into existence as a separate District on 15th Sept, 1998. It lies at the Centre of Mizoram surrounded by Aizawl District on the West and North, Champhai District and Myanmar in the East and Lunglei District in the West. It is situated in between 23° 36'38'' and 23° 59'07'' latitudes and 92° 40'30'' and 93° 11'09'' longitudes. It is the smallest District of the State but enjoy the 3rd position in the production of Paddy next to Kolasib and Champhai. It is comprises of hilly terrains but has a good alluvial potential pocket of land on its river basis. The total Geographical area is 1421.6 Sq. Km. on account for 6.74% of the total geographical area of the State.

The C-DAP was prepared as per the process and methodology suggested by the Planning Commission, Government of India. The approach followed in preparation of the document was necessarily of Participatory Appraisal mode. The district level officials along with the field level officials held wide consultations with District/ Block/ Village Agriculture Planning Units of the district (different bodies/institutional arrangements under ATMA Scheme). Formal and informal meetings with Agriculture and line department staffs were held at various level. With the participatory process the planning members collected secondary data and related statistics needed for planning from different departments and other sources.

Strategies to Achieve the Objectives of DAP for Serchhip District

  • Conservation, development and sustainable management of water resources.
  • Soil health improvement
  • Popularizing resource conserving technologies.
  • Encourages multiple land use by increasing cropping intensity and intercropping.
  • Integration of crop husbandry with vegetable and horticultural crops, animal husbandry, mushroom cultivation and other non crop based farming.
  • Bridging yield gaps of crops, animals and other enterprises.
  • Human resources development of rural youths, farm women, other disadvantaged groups and filed staff.
  • Paradigm shift from production oriented farming to market oriented agriculture with the promotion of Agro processing industries.
  • Development of suitable technologies such as varietal improvement, input management supported by a strong institutional arrangements for the supply of inputs like seed, fertilizers, plant protection chemicals, credit, etc, price support system favorable to farmers and market infrastructure for major crops like paddy, maize, sugarcane, banana, vegetables, and fodder crops.
  • Encouraging maize as an alternate crop for paddy
  • Development of minor irrigation
  • Strengthening water harvesting structures like farm ponds and check dams.
  • Reclamation of fallow and degraded lands. Training and exposure visit to the farmers, traders, and other stakeholders on grading, post harvest technologies, value addition and market intelligence.
  • Strengthening the extension machinery for effective dissemination of technology.
  • Strengthening of rural markets with storage facilities.
  • Strengthening of farmers market with additional storage facilities.
  • Establishment of cattle feed units.
  • Inland fisheries development in major tanks and reservoirs
  • Development of Sericulture
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